Pixel To Rem Converter

Pixel To Rem Converter

This free converter can be used to convert pixels (px) to rem units. please type the base value and the pixels (px) value that you want to convert to rem and simply click on the convert button!

Pixels (Px):

How to use pixel to rem converter

First, enter the base value

Second, enter the pixels value

Finally, click on the convert button

Video tutorial: How to use pixels to rem converter

What is the Rem unit and how do you convert pixels to Rem?

Rem is an abbreviation for Root em. Rem is relative to the base size of the root element and it is constant throughout the document.

Rem unit is usually used in CSS development.

you can use this equation to convert pixel to Rem: Rem = pixel/base size.

For example, if the pixel in your work is 24 and the base size is 16, and you want to convert px to rem manually: Rem=24/16=1.5.

but we recommend using the online px to rem converter because it is fast and more accurate.

What is the difference between Rem and Em units?

Em unit is directly relative to the text size, while Rem is relative to the root size.

Pixel To Rem Converter

Pixels to Rem conversion table if the base size is 16

This is a chart for px to rem conversion results which developers usually use if the base size is 16.

Pixel Rem
1 px 0.0625 rem
2 px 0.125 rem
3 px 0.1875 rem
4 px 0.25 rem
5 px 0.3125 rem
6 px 0.375 rem
7 px 0.4375 rem
8 px 0.5 rem
9 px 0.5625 rem
10 px 0.625 rem
11 px 0.6875 rem
12 px 0.75 rem
13 px 0.8125 rem
14 px 0.875 rem
15 px 0.9375 rem
16 px 1 rem
17 px 1.0625 rem
18 px 1.125 rem
19 px 1.1875 rem
20 px 1.25 rem
21 px 1.3125 rem
22 px 1.375 rem
23 px 1.4375 rem
24 px 1.5 rem
25 px 1.5625 rem