Megapixel To Print Size Converter

Megapixel To Print Size Converter

This is a free converter which you can use to convert Megapixel to print size online automatically.

Resolution (DPI or PPI):

Megapixels (MP):

Aspect ratio (Ratio width and height):


If you bought a new camera and you want to know the maximum size for the image you can print, you can use this megapixel to print size converter to determined the largest photo dimensions at specific resolution or pixel density.

Also if you want to print a good quality photos using good printer that can print at 250 or more ppi, you can use this megapixel to print size converter to find the photo dimensions suitable for you.

If you have the photo dimensions or the image resolution in pixels and you want to find the best printing size, you can use our pixel to size converter.

How to use megapixel to print size converter?

First, enter the resolution value (DPI Or PPI)

Second, enter megapixel value

Third, enter the aspect ratio

Forth, click on convert button

How to calculate print size from megapixel?

There are two methods to find the print size for megapixel, online and manually.

Online, using our megapixel to print size converter above

Manually, using the megapixel to print size conversion equation.

To convert megapixel to print size in inches, use the following equations:

Width in Inches = (√(aspect ratio*megapixel*1000000))/resolution


Height in inches = (√(1/aspect ratio*megapixel*1000000))/resolution

To convert megapixel to print size in Millimeters, use the following equations:

Width in Millimeters = (√(aspect ratio*megapixel*1000000))*(25.4/resolution)


Height in Millimeters = (√(1/aspect ratio*megapixel*1000000))*(25.4/resolution)

If you are using the manually method, the possibility of error increases and you may not have an accurate result; therefore the best and more accurate way to convert megapixel to print size is using the online converter we provide above.

Megapixel to print size converter

Megapixel Print Size Chart

This is a table for best print size you have to use to get an excellent photo quality at 300 ppi and 3:2 aspect ratio.

Megapixels Size in Inches Size in Millimeters
1 Megapixel 4.08x2.72 Inches 103.7x69.13 Millimeters
2 Megapixel 5.77x3.85 Inches 146.65x97.76 Millimeters
4 Megapixel 8.16x5.44 Inches 207.39x138.26 Millimeters
5 Megapixel 9.13x6.09 Inches 231.87x154.58 Millimeters
6 Megapixel 10x6.67 Inches 254x169.33 Millimeters
10 Megapixel 12.91x8.61 Inches 327.91x218.61 Millimeters
12 Megapixel 14.14x9.43 Inches 359.21x239.47 Millimeters
12.1 Megapixel 14.2x9.47 Inches 360.7x240.47 Millimeters
18 Megapixel 17.32x11.55 Inches 439.94x293.29 Millimeters
16 Megapixel 16.33x10.89 Inches 414.78x276.52 Millimeters
20 Megapixel 18.26x12.17 Inches 463.74x309.16 Millimeters
24 Megapixel 20x13.33 Inches 508x338.67 Millimeters
26 Megapixel 20.82x13.88 Inches 528.74x352.5 Millimeters
30 Megapixel 22.36x14.91 Inches 567.96x378.64 Millimeters
32 Megapixel 23.09x15.4 Inches 586.59x391.06 Millimeters
42 Megapixel 26.46x17.64 Inches 672.02x448.01 Millimeters
48 Megapixel 28.28x18.86 Inches 718.42x478.95 Millimeters