Pixel To Size Converter

Pixel To Size Converter

This is a smart converter which you can use to convert Pixels (px) to size online.

Resolution (DPI or PPI):

Image dimensions in pixel (Width X Height):


This converter allow you to convert any image dimensions in pixels to size in inches and millimeters; it is free, professional and easy to use.

Sometime you may need to determined the printing size for Photographic printing, or you may need to detect the best print size for your image at specific pixel density (ppi or dpi), this converter can help you in doing this, and it will make your work to be easy and fast.

Also if you want to edit photos using design software such as photoshop, and you want to change photoshop canvas size from pixels to inches or mm, Pixel to size converter can help you to concentrate on what you are doing and it will make the conversion for you quickly.

This converter useful for conversion pixels to inches for printing too.

How to use Pixel To Size Converter

First, enter the resolution value (ppi or dpi)

Second, enter the image dimensions in pixel

Third, click on convert button

How To Calculate Size From Pixels?

To calculate size from pixels you have two method, manual and automatic.

Automatic, using the above converter to convert pixel to size easily and for free.

Manual, using the following conversion equations.

To convert pixels to size in inches use this equation:

Inches = Pixels / Resolution

To convert pixels to size in millimeters use this converter:

Millimetres = Pixels * (25.4/Resolution)

The best way to convert pixel to size is using the online automatic converter, because it is fast, free and accurate.

Pixel To Size Converter

Pixels To Size conversion table

This is a chart for px to size conversion results at 300 ppi .

Pixel Size in Inches Size in Millimeters
3000X3000 px 10X10 Inches 254X254 Millimeters
1080X1080 px 3.6X3.6 Inches 91.44X91.44 Millimeters
600X600 px 2X2 Inches 50.8X50.8 Millimeters
150X150 px 0.5X0.5 Inches 12.7X12.7 Millimeters
250X250 px 0.83X0.83 Inches 21.17X21.17 Millimeters
1200X1200 px 4X4 Inches 101.6X101.6 Millimeters
1000X1000 px 3.33X3.33 Inches 84.67X84.67 Millimeters
400X400 px 1.33X1.33 Inches 33.87X33.87 Millimeters
1920X1080 px 6.4X3.6 Inches 162.56X91.44 Millimeters
1600X1600 px 5.33X5.33 Inches 135.47X135.47 Millimeters
800X200 px 2.67X0.67 Inches 67.73X16.93 Millimeters
300X300 px 1X1 Inches 25.4X25.4 Millimeters
1024X500 px 3.41X1.67 Inches 86.7X42.33 Millimeters
2000X2000 px 6.67X6.67 Inches 169.33X169.33 Millimeters
1500X1000 px 5X3.33 Inches 127X84.67 Millimeters
480X360 px 1.6X1.2 Inches 40.64X30.48 Millimeters
1200X800 px 4X2.67 Inches 101.6X67.73 Millimeters
1200X1800 px 4X6 Inches 101.6X152.4 Millimeters
200X200 px 0.67X0.67 Inches 16.93X16.93 Millimeters
640X480 px 2.13X1.6 Inches 54.19X40.64 Millimeters
192X192 px 0.64X0.64 Inches 16.26X16.26 Millimeters
180X180 px 0.6X0.6 Inches 15.24X15.24 Millimeters
1500X1500 px 5X5 Inches 127X127 Millimeters
1200X480 px 4X1.6 Inches 101.6X40.64 Millimeters
600X900 px 2X3 Inches 50.8X76.2 Millimeters
280X280 px 0.93X0.93 Inches 23.71X23.71 Millimeters
400X150 px 1.33X0.5 Inches 33.87X12.7 Millimeters
128X128 px 0.43X0.43 Inches 10.84X10.84 Millimeters
1500X2100 px 5X7 Inches 127X177.8 Millimeters
2400X3000 px 8X10 Inches 203.2X254 Millimeters
3300X1200 px 11X4 Inches 279.4X101.6 Millimeters
1050X1350 px 3.5X4.5 Inches 88.9X114.3 Millimeters
900X1200 px 3X4 Inches 76.2X101.6 Millimeters
3300X4200 px 11X14 Inches 279.4X355.6 Millimeters
900X1500 px 3X5 Inches 76.2X127 Millimeters