Resolution To Megapixel Converter

Resolution To Megapixel Converter

This is a free online converter which you can use to convert the image resolution in pixel to megapixel.

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Megapixel is a measure of the maximum resolution of an image that a camera can capture, and it is a measure of the pixel density of a digital camera.

The value of one megapixel means that the camera can capture one million pixels, or one million points of data.

Calculating megapixels can be done by multiplying the length of the image by its width, and megapixels are used to measure the size of the images captured by modern digital cameras.

How To Use Resolution To Megapixel Converter

First, enter the width and height in pixel

Second, click on convert button

How to calculate megapixel from resolution?

There are two methods to calculate megapixel from resolution; using the converter or using the conversion formula.

Using the converter; you can use the above converter to convert resolution to megapixel quickly.

Using the formula; you can use the following formula to convert resolution to megapixel manually:

Megapixel (Mp) = Width in pixel * Height in pixel / 1000000

The best way to convert resolution to megapixel is using this online converter, because it is fast, professional and accurate.

Resolution To Megapixel Converter

Resolution To Megapixel Table

This is a list for commonly used results for conversion of Resolution to megapixel

Resolution Megapixel
671 X 447 0.3 Megapixel
1162 X 775 0.9 Megapixel
1225 X 816 1 Megapixel
1732 X 1155 2 Megapixel
3000 X 2000 6 Megapixel
3464 X 2309 8 Megapixel
3873 X 2582 10 Megapixel
4243 X 2828 12 Megapixel
4416 X 2944 13 Megapixel
4583 X 3055 14 Megapixel
4899 X 3266 16 Megapixel
5196 X 3464 18 Megapixel
5477 X 3651 20 Megapixel
6000 X 4000 24 Megapixel
6245 X 4163 26 Megapixel
6708 X 4472 30 Megapixel
6928 X 4619 32 Megapixel
7746 X 5164 40 Megapixel
8216 X 5477 45 Megapixel
8660 X 5774 50 Megapixel
29394 X 19596 576 Megapixel