PPI To DPI Converter

PPI To DPI Converter

This is a free easy to use converter which you can use to convert PPI to DPI automatically. Convert pixels per  inch (PPI) to dots per inch (DPI) online perfectly.

PPI (Pixels Per Inch) Value:

PPI or pixels per inch meaning is the number of pixels contained in a one inch, or 2.54 cm, line of an image displayed on a computer screen.

DPI is the number of printed dots contained on a one inch, or 2.54 cm, line of an image printed by a printer.

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What is the difference between ppi and dpi measurement units?

PPI and DPI are units used to describe the output resolution of an image displayed on a screen (PPI) or printed on a sheet of paper (DPI). If you divide the image size (total number of pixels in the digital image) by this output resolution, you can determine the size at which the image is displayed on the screen or printed.

The confusion between these two terms is due, in large part, to the following reasons. First of all, although the term PPI refers to the resolution of a digital image on the screen, this value can also affect the quality of the final printed image. Then, some professional print shops require that the images have a certain DPI value before they are printed. In fact, they should be talking about PPI, not DPI, which further adds to the confusion.

DPI is a unit used to determine the print size of an image on paper relative to its image size, that is, the total number of pixels horizontally and vertically. While some printing apps still use the DPI setting, others, more recent, have a setting to select the exact size (10x15cm, 8x30cm, or whatever) you want to print a photo at. For printing applications that use the term DPI to determine print size, increasing the DPI value reduces the size of the printed image, while decreasing this value enlarges the image.

PPI represents the resolution (pixel density) of a digital image displayed on the screen. Since this value is related to the image size (total number of pixels), it also contributes to the quality of an image. If a digital image contains too few pixels, the photo will not be very detailed and it will appear pixelated. The higher the number of pixels in a digital image, the more detailed it is. The number of PPIs for a given screen size depends on the image size of the photo.

PPI To DPI Converter

PPI To DPI Conversion table

This is a list for most common PPI to DPI conversion results.

72 PPI 72 DPI
90 PPI 90 DPI
96 PPI 96 DPI
100 PPI 100 DPI
150 PPI 150 DPI
200 PPI 200 DPI
240 PPI 240 DPI
250 PPI 250 DPI
300 PPI 300 DPI
320 PPI 320 DPI
326 PPI 326 DPI
330 PPI 330 DPI
600 PPI 600 DPI