Pixels To Twips Converter

Pixels To Twips Converter

This is a free converter that you can use to convert pixels to twips quickly. type the pixels (px) value which you want to convert to twips and click on the convert button!

Pixels (Px) Value:

A twip is a typographic measure and it is screen dependent unit. Also used as a standard measurement in Visual Basic 6. 15 twips equal to one pixel, and 567 twips equal to 1 cm.

Steps to use the pixels to twips converter

First, enter the pixels value

Second, click on the convert button

Video Tutorial: How To Use Pixels To Twips Converter

Calculating how many twips in pixel

There are two methods to convert pixels to twips, online and manual.

Online, simply using the converter above.

Manual, using the following pixels to twips conversion formula

Twips = Pixels*15

we recommend using the online converter because it is faster and accurate.