Pixels To DPI Converter

Pixels To DPI Converter

This is a free online converter which you can use to convert Pixels (px) to dpi (dots per inch) easily.

Width X Height in pixels:



Diagonal size in inches:


DPI or dots per inch is a unit of precision commonly used to define the resolution of a scanner, printer or an optical mouse.

The higher dpi value, the greater image resolution, and the details will be finer.

How to use pixels to DPI converter

First, enter width and height value in pixels for the item (screen, image or poster)

Second, enter diagonal value in inches

Finally, click on convert button

How to convert pixels to dpi

There are two options to convert px to dpi:

Automatically, using the online converter above to easily and quickly convert pixel to dpi.

Manually, using the following formula:

DPI = Diagonal In Pixels/Diagonal In Inches

In addition to this formula you need the following equation to calculate diagonal in pixels:

Diagonal In Pixels = √(width² + height²)

The best way to convert px to dpi is using the online converter because it is accurate and free.

Pixels To DPI Converter

Pixels To DPI Conversion Chart

This is a table for px to dpi conversion results at 23 inches diagonal size.

Pixels DPI
600 X 600 Pixels 36.89 DPI
300 X 300 Pixels 18.45 DPI
213 X 213 Pixels 13.1 DPI
240 X 240 Pixels 14.76 DPI
1200 X 2400 Pixels 116.66 DPI
4800 X 1200 Pixels 215.12 DPI
600 X 1200 Pixels 58.33 DPI
1280 X 720 Pixels 63.85 DPI
3000 X 2000 Pixels 156.76 DPI
4000 X 3000 Pixels 217.39 DPI
4000 X 4000 Pixels 245.95 DPI
3000 X 2400 Pixels 167.04 DPI
1200 X 2400 Pixels 116.66 DPI
2100 X 1500 Pixels 112.2 DPI
1024 X 768 Pixels 55.65 DPI