Pixels To Cm For Printing

Pixels To Cm For Printing

This is a smart online converter which you can use to convert pixels to cm for printing accurately and totally free.

Resolution (DPI or PPI):

pixels (Width X Height):


Using this converter you can convert pixels to centimeter quickly and save time.

How to use pixels to cm for printing converter

First, enter resolution (dpi or ppi) value

Second, enter pixels value (width and height)

Finally, click on convert button

How to convert pixels to cm for printing

To convert pixels to centimeters there are two common methods, online and manually.

Online method, using px to cm converter we provide above.

Manually method, using pixels to cm conversion formula.

The best way to convert pixels to cm for printing is using the online converter, because it is fast, accurate and professional.

What is pixels to centimeters conversion formula

To convert pixels to centimeters manually you need the following formulas:

width in cm = width in pixels*(2.54/resolution)


Height in cm = Height in pixels*(2.54/resolution)

Pixels To Cm For Printing

Pixels (px) to centimeters (cm) conversion table

This is a chart for the most common results of conversion pixels to cm for printing. in addition to this, you can use the above converter to make more conversions as you want.

Pixels Centimeters at 150 DPI Centimeters at 300 DPI
1920x1080 Pixels 32.51x18.29 cm 16.26x9.14 cm
413x177 Pixels 6.99x3 cm 3.5x1.5 cm
472x472 Pixels 7.99x7.99 cm 4x4 cm
800x800 Pixels 13.55x13.55 cm 6.77x6.77 cm
1024x768 Pixels 17.34x13 cm 8.67x6.5 cm
150x200 Pixels 2.54x3.39 cm 1.27x1.69 cm
1200x1200 Pixels 20.32x20.32 cm 10.16x10.16 cm
851x315 Pixels 14.41x5.33 cm 7.21x2.67 cm
140x60 Pixels 2.37x1.02 cm 1.19x0.51 cm
6000x4000 Pixels 101.6x67.73 cm 50.8x33.87 cm
1200x628 Pixels 20.32x10.63 cm 10.16x5.32 cm
1200x1600 Pixels 20.32x27.09 cm 10.16x13.55 cm
600x800 Pixels 10.16x13.55 cm 5.08x6.77 cm
3024x4032 Pixels 51.21x68.28 cm 25.6x34.14 cm
1080x1920 Pixels 18.29x32.51 cm 9.14x16.26 cm
1200x1800 Pixels 20.32x30.48 cm 10.16x15.24 cm
1280x720 Pixels 21.67x12.19 cm 10.84x6.1 cm
300x300 Pixels 5.08x5.08 cm 2.54x2.54 cm