Pixels To Bytes Converter

Pixels To Bytes Converter

This is a free online converter that you can use to convert Pixels (px) to Bytes for free. A byte is a unit of digital information that most commonly consists of eight bits.

Width in pixel:
Height in pixel:
Bit depth:

A byte is a unit of measurement of the amount of computer data. It always consists of eight bits (that is to say eight “0” or “1”, and allows information to be encoded. The main task of the byte is to store a character (it can be a number, a letter, etc.).

How to use pixels to bytes converter

First, enter width and height values in pixels

Second, choose bit depth value

Finally, click on the convert button

Video Tutorial: How To Use Pixels To Bytes Converter

How to calculate image file size in bytes?

it is very easy! you can calculate image size in bytes either online in one step using the converter above, or manually using this formula:

Image size in Bytes = (width in pixels*height in pixels*bit depth)/8

but we recommend to you the online converter to convert pixels to bytes because it is fast and accurate.