Pixel To Megapixel Converter

Pixel To Megapixel Converter

This is a online converter which you can use to convert Pixels (px) to Megapixel (mp). Megapixel is a one million pixel, and commonly used to describe the number of pixels in an image and the level of image quality.

Pixels (Px):

The image with more megapixels, will be the better in quality.

A camera’s image sensor also contains pixels.  A 31.8 megapixel camera has an image sensor with over 31 million pixels. The more pixels the sensor is equipped with, the more pixels and quality the photo will contain.

How to use Pixel To Megapixel Converter

First, enter the pixel value

Second, click on convert button

How To Convert Pixel To Megapixel?

To convert px to mp there is two options, automatically and manually.

Automatically, you can use the above converter to convert pixel to megapixels quickly and accurately.

Manually, you can use the following pixel to megapixel conversion formula

Megapixels (MP) = Pixel (Px)/1000000

But we recommend to use the automatic online converter because it is fast and accurate.

Pixel To Megapixel Converter

Pixel To Megapixel Conversion Table

This is a chart for Pixel to Megapixel conversion result. also, you can use the converter above for free.

Pixel (px) Megapixel (MP)
300000 px 0.3 MP
900000 px 0.9 MP
1000000 px 1 MP
2000000 px 2 MP
4000000 px 4 MP
5000000 px 5 MP
6000000 px 6 MP
7200000 px 7.2 MP
8000000 px 8 MP
10000000 px 10 MP
12000000 px 12 MP
12100000 px 12.1 MP
12300000 px 12.3 MP
13000000 px 13 MP
14100000 px 14.1 MP
16000000 px 16 MP
20000000 px 20 MP
20100000 px 20.1 MP
24000000 px 24 MP
48000000 px 48 MP
50000000 px 50 MP
64000000 px 64 MP
100000000 px 100 MP
576000000 px 576 MP
600000000 px 600 MP