Pixel To MB Converter

Pixel To MB Converter

This is a free smart converter that you can use to convert Pixel (px) to Megabyte (MB) online. Type the width and height value in pixels and choose bit depth value, then click on the convert button, That’s all!

Width in pixel:
Height in pixel:
Bit depth:

a megabyte is a unit of measurement for the amount of digital information, used in computers, equal to 1,048,576 bytes, and its symbol is MB.

How to use pixel to MB converter

First, enter the width and height in pixels

Second, choose bit depth value

Finally, click on the convert button

Video Tutorial: How To Use Pixel To MB Converter

How to convert pixel to megabyte (MB)?

To convert pixel (px) to megabyte (MB) you have two methods, online and manually.

Online, using the converter we provide above to convert pixel to MB easily.

Manually, using the pixel to MB conversion formula

What is the pixel to megabyte conversion formula?

To convert px to MB manually you need the following formula:

Megabyte (MB) = ((width in pixels*height in pixels*bit depth)/8)/1,048,576

Pixel to MB conversion chart

This is a table for common Pixel to MB conversion results at 16-bit depth. also, you can use the converter above for fast and professional conversion.

Pixel (px) Megabyte (MB)
320 X 240 pixel 0.146484375 MB
1024 X 768 pixel 1.5 MB
1280 X 1024 pixel 2.5 MB
720 X 576 pixel 0.791015625 MB
1280 X 720 pixel 1.7578125 MB
1920 X 1080 pixel 3.955078125 MB
1800 X 1200 pixel 4.119873046875 MB
2272 X 1704 pixel 7.38427734375 MB
2592 X 1944 pixel 9.61083984375 MB
3072 X 2304 pixel 13.5 MB
3264 X 2448 pixel 15.240234375 MB
3648 X 2736 pixel 19.037109375 MB
4000 X 3000 pixel 22.88818359375 MB
4416 X 3312 pixel 27.896484375 MB
5616 X 3744 pixel 40.1044921875 MB