Pixel To Kb Converter

Pixel To Kb Converter

This is a free smart converter that you can use to convert Pixels (px) to Kilobytes (kb) online. Type the width and height value in pixels and choose the bit depth value, then click on the convert button, That’s all!

Width in pixel:
Height in pixel:
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kilobyte is a unit of measurement for the quantity of digital information, equal to 1,024 bytes , and whose symbol is kb.

How to use pixel to kb converter

First, enter the width and height in pixels

Second, choose bit depth value

Finally, click on the convert button

Video Tutorial: How To Use Pixel To Kb Converter

How to convert pixel to kilobyte?

To convert pixel to kb there are two options, online and manually.

Online, you can use the above converter to convert pixel to kilobyte quickly and professionally.

Manually, you can use the following pixel to kb conversion formula:

Kilobyte (kb) = ((width in pixels*height in pixels*bit depth)/8)/1024

We recommend to use the online converter to save your time.

Pixel To Kb Converter

Pixel to kilobyte (kb) conversion table

This is a chart for common Pixel to kb conversion results at 32-bit depth. also, you can use the converter above for free.

Pixel (px) Kilobyte (kb)
200 X 200 px 156.25 kb
200 X 230 px 179.6875 kb
213 X 213 px 177.22265625 kb
300 X 300 px 351.5625 kb
400 X 400 px 625 kb
500 X 500 px 976.5625 kb
600 X 600 px 1406.25 kb
800 X 800 px 2500 kb
1000 X 1000 px 3906.25 kb