Pixel To DP Converter

Pixel To DP Converter

Pixel to dp converter is a free and online converter that you can use to convert pixel to dp easily in one click. Convert px to dp perfectly!

Pixels (px) value:
DPI value:

DP (A device-independent pixel or density-independent pixel) is a virtual unit recommended for creating the user interface layout in Android systems. This unit expresses dimensions and position in a manner independent of the pixel density ( dpi ). DP is an abstract UI that allows applications to look the same on different screens and resolutions

DPI ( dots per inch ) is the number of image dots per inch. this unit is used to define the resolution of images generated by printers, plotters, plate setters, etc.

How to use the px to dp converter?

Using the pixel to dp converter is very simple:

Firstly, enter the pixel (px) value

Secondly, enter the dpi value

Finally, click on the convert button, that’s all!

Video Tutorial: How To Use Pixel To DP Converter

What is the px to dp conversion formula?

You can convert pixel to dp either online using the converter we provide above or manually using the px to dp conversion formula.

Pixel to dp conversion formula is:

DP = pixel * (160/dpi)

We recommend using the online converter because it is fast and accurate.

Pixel To DP Converter

Pixel (px) to dp conversion chart

This is a table for the most common results of conversion px to dp at 480 dpi. You can get more results using the online px to dp converter.

Pixels DP
60 px 20 dp
80 px 26.66 dp
120 px 40 dp
160 px 53.33 dp
240 px 80 dp
320 px 106.66 dp
150 px 50 dp
200 px 66.66 dp
100 px 33.33 dp