Pixel To Centimeter Converter

Pixel To Centimeter Converter

This is a free converter which you can use to convert Pixels (px) to centimeters (cm). simply type the Resolution (DPI or PPI) value and the Pixels (px) value which you want to convert to centimeters (cm) and press Convert button!

Resolution (DPI or PPI):
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How to calculate how many Centimeters in Pixels?

It is very easy! We know that 1 inch=2.54 cm, so if the resolution (dots per inch DPI or pixels per inch PPI) is equal to 96, this means we have 96 pixels per inch! So:

1 inch = 2.54 centimeter, and the resolution= 96 pixel/inch = 96 pixel/2.54 centimeter, therefore 1 pixel = 2.54 centimeter/96 = 0.02645833333 centimeter.

Video Tutorial: How To Use Pixels To Centimeter Converter

Note about Pixel to cm converter

you may use pixel to cm converter for your design, for example if you want to print your work by the printer, or if you want to edit image in photo editor software such as photoshop.

you should know that PPI is a measurement for the quality or resolution of your images. for example, a photo with dimension 30cm x 30cm and 600 PPI has better resolution and quality than photo with 200 PPI.

also, you should know that DPI is a measurement for the resolution or quality of a printed document or digital scan using a printer.

Pixels to Centimeters Conversion Table for 96 dpi Resolution

This is a chart for Pixel to Centimeter conversion  in 96 dpi Resolution

Pixel Centimeter
1 px 0.026458333333333 cm
2 px 0.052916666666667 cm
3 px 0.079375 cm
4 px 0.10583333333333 cm
5 px 0.13229166666667 cm
6 px 0.15875 cm
7 px 0.18520833333333 cm
8 px 0.21166666666667 cm
9 px 0.238125 cm
10 px 0.26458333333333 cm
11 px 0.29104166666667 cm
12 px 0.3175 cm
13 px 0.34395833333333 cm
14 px 0.37041666666667 cm
15 px 0.396875 cm
16 px 0.42333333333333 cm
17 px 0.44979166666667 cm
18 px 0.47625 cm
19 px 0.50270833333333 cm
20 px 0.52916666666667 cm
21 px 0.555625 cm
22 px 0.58208333333333 cm
23 px 0.60854166666667 cm
24 px 0.635 cm
25 px 0.66145833333333 cm