DPI To PPI Converter

DPI To PPI Converter

This is an online easy to use converter which you can use to convert dpi to ppi quickly. Convert dots per inch (DPI) to pixels per  inch (PPI) perfectly.

DPI (Dots Per Inch) Value:

The abbreviations “dpi” and “dpi” are frequently used in digital imaging and printing. The abbreviation (PPI) stands for pixels per inch, while (dpi) stands for dots per inch.

How To Use DPI To PPI Converter

First, enter the DPI value

Second, press on convert button

How To Convert DPI To PPI

There are two methods to convert dpi to ppi, online method and manually.

To convert dpi to ppi online quickly, you have to use the above converter to do that.

To convert dpi to ppi manually, you need the conversion formula.

dpi to ppi conversion formula is:

1 DPI = 1 PPI

We recommend to use the online converter because it is accurate and fast.

DPI To PPI Converter

The formula used in dpi to ppi conversion

To determine the dpi to ppi formula, we can do some calculations.

we know that 1 ppi = 39.37007874 Dot per Meter

and we know too that 1 Dot per Meter = 39.37007874 dpi

So, the dpi to ppi conversion formula will be:

1 dpi = 1 ppi

DPI To PPI Conversion Table

This is a chart for most common DPI to PPI conversion results.

72 DPI 72 PPI
90 DPI 90 PPI
96 DPI 96 PPI
100 DPI 100 PPI
150 DPI 150 PPI
200 DPI 200 PPI
240 DPI 240 PPI
250 DPI 250 PPI
300 DPI 300 PPI
320 DPI 320 PPI
326 DPI 326 PPI
330 DPI 330 PPI
600 DPI 600 PPI