DP To Pixel Converter

DP To Pixel Converter

DP to pixel converter is a free and accurate converter that you can use to convert dp to px online. Convert dp to pixel professionally!

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DP or device-independent pixels (or density-independent pixels) are pixels independent of screen density. DP is an abstract unit of measurement based on the physical density of a 160 dpi (dots per inch) screen. In this case 1dp = 1px. If the screen size is larger or smaller than 160dpi, the number of pixels that are applied to render 1dp increases or decreases accordingly.

In android, by using density-independent pixels you have more control over the layout for different devices with different resolutions.

How to use dp to px converter?

it is very easy to use the dp to px converter, you can convert dp to px just in three steps:

Firstly: enter the dp value

Secondly, enter the dpi value

Finally, click on the convert button, it is very simple!

Video Tutorial: How To Use DP To Pixel Converter

What is dp to pixel conversion formula?

You can convert dp to px either online or manually.

To convert dp to pixel online you can use the above converter for free!

To convert dp to px manually you need the conversion formula to calculate the result.

Dp to pixel conversion formula is:

Pixel = DP * (DPI/160)

The best way to convert dp to px is using the online converter available above because it is accurate and fast.

DP To Pixel Converter

DP to pixel (px) conversion table

This is a table for some results of conversion dp to px at 320 dpi. you can get more results by using the above dp to pixel converter.

DP Pixels
213 dp 426 px
187 dp 374 px
360 dp 720 px
640 dp 1280 px
488 dp 976 px
853 dp 1706 px
244 dp 488 px
768 dp 1536 px
960 dp 1920 px