Bytes To Pixels Converter

Bytes To Pixels Converter

This is a free converter that you can use to convert Bytes to Pixels (px) online automatically. Enter the byte value, the aspect ratio, and the bit depth then click on the Convert button!


Aspect ratio (Ratio width and height):


Bit depth:

Bit depth is mean the number of bits used for every single pixel. Bit depth is also known as color depth.

At a higher bit depth, the image can be more accurately represent the different hues and brightness of reality. The higher the bit depth, the larger the image file size will also be.

The aspect ratio or ratio of an image is the ratio between the width and the height of the image. the most commonly used aspect ratio is 16:9 and 4:3.

How to use bytes to pixels converter

First, enter bytes value

Second, enter the aspect ratio value

Third, choose bit depth value

Finally, click on the convert button.

Video Tutorial: How To Use Bytes To Pixels Converter

How to convert bytes to pixels manually

There are two methods to convert bytes to pixels, online using the converter we provide above, and manually using the conversion formula.

you can use the following bytes to px formulas for the conversion:

Pixels resolution = (8*bytes value)/(bit value)


Width in pixels = pixels resolution*aspect ration


Height in pixels = pixels resolution*(1/aspect ratio)

the best way to convert bytes to pixels is using the online converter because it is fast and more accurate.